Five Simple Opportunities For Mission This Fall

Summer has drawn to a close as schools started back nationwide over the last few weeks. Some of us hate the heat of summer and are excitedly embracing this new season. Others of us love the summer freedom and are sad to see it go. Either way, it is happening, and while summer brings a unique opportunity to engage in mission, Fall does as well.

Fall is my personal favorite season as I love the crisper weather, colorful foliage, and I'm a sucker for anything pumpkin flavored. The opportunities to engage with your community are bountiful during the Fall. Life is busy enough that I'm not one to embrace a list of activities to add to my schedule to be a missionary to my culture, but I'll gladly embrace opportunities with things I'm naturally doing anyway.

These opportunities look different for everyone, but here are some ways that my family and church plant are planning on engaging our city as missionaries:

1. Football is America's biggest and most popular sport. Hosting football watching parties for those in your community are a great way to engage with people in an activity they are likely already participating. It doesn't take much to pull this off other than a tv, some good food, and drinks. I'd encourage you to do this with some people from your church family as a way to be on mission together.

2. Festivals - Every city has a number of festivals in the Fall that usually include games for children, pumpkins, and candy. Instead of only attending the festivals why not volunteer? You could volunteer to fill in a need or you could set up a pop-up tent and host an art or activity as part of the overall festival. This is a great way to both love and serve the community. 

3. Farms, where I live, have apple picking and pumpkin patches during the Fall. This is a fun activity to do with your family, your church or missional community, and a great activity to invite others to do with you. 

4. Sports - aside from the previously mentioned football, children's soccer is a big Fall sport. My oldest son is currently playing soccer so I volunteered to be the assistant coach for his team. Our church family hosted a cookout for the kick-off of the season and we are planning a couple more events throughout the season.

5. Holidays - Fall kicks off the start of holiday season. Halloween, whether you hate it or love it is one of the easiest times to engage with neighbors in the entire year. It is the one day in the year all of your neighbors with children show up at your door. Be present, give out the best candy, and learn some neighbors names while you are at it.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday in the year, but many people spend Thanksgiving lonely or hungry. Invite someone over from work or your street who you know is without family or host a neighborhood potluck for Thanksgiving to engage with those that may normally feel excluded. 

These may not all fit your context like they do mine, but figure out as any good missionary would what does fit your context. Every neighborhood, community, and city has new opportunities with each season where you can join in with ways to love and serve them without really adding anything to your already likely busy schedule. 

Matt Boyd