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Through Christ, God has brought everyone into common solidarity with Himself and one another, given us a life of faith, hope, and love, and called us to join in His renewing work in others' lives.

Starting around 300AD, the spread of hope, healing, and unity in Christ - through the leadership and around the tables of everyday people known as "The Church" - was hindered as it was organized into a religious system under Jesus' name.


. . . becoming known for what people are doing for God rather than what God has already done for the world in Christ. 


. . . becoming somewhere you go to talk & sing about Jesus instead of something you are, right where you are, by your faith in Jesus.


. . . becoming a to do list of church attendance and volunteering instead of loving and discipling those around you.

* Today, 70% of society has no interest in a church gathering of any kind. But it turns out most people aren’t rejecting the movement Jesus started, they’re just rejecting the version they’re being handed in His name.

Jesus never hosted a church service, not ever told us to. We are free to do so, but we are also free to follow His example in helping others walk with God through the simple, gracious act of friendship and shared meals.

By helping people reclaim what Jesus has done & declared, we are empowering a grassroots movement of the Church that is putting the ministry of Good News back in the hands and around the table of every believer.



People are finding peace from the endless project-of-self, a rest that is freeing them to step into what 

God's doing around them.


New expressions of the Church are forming as more people are finding freedom and family in Jesus through the simplicity of a table. 


Love and Good News is spreading as more people are joining in God's redemptive work, inviting others

into the movement of Jesus.


The Church's Mission


Why We Slow Down