What do you believe as a network?

We hold to the doctrines expressed in the Apostle's Creed in general, and specifically to the following:  What  ​

  • About Christ / FREEDOM - Aware of humanity's perpetual love affair with performance, Jesus tells the most shocking stories of grace to level all our empires of progress. For both religious Pharisees with resumes and despondent tax-collecting outcasts, Jesus did the impossible. He reconciled all to God through His death and resurrection. This “Good News” is the invitation out of the exhausting madness of trying to hide the junk of our lives. We are free to be nothing in Christ.   


  • About Church / FAMILY - The mystery of the kingdom of God is like a dragnet being hauled to shore, catching everything in its path. It rejects nothing, Jesus said. One day this net will arrive on the beach, and the angels, not us, will determine what is and what is not. In the meantime, we are free to be what we are: a random sampling of the broken world that God has united Himself to in Christ. Robert Capon was right, “to be the church and paint a picture of anything else would be false advertisement.

  • About Change / FORMATION - We are conditional creatures. But only because we love the allure of control that lies with if/then transactions. We want a life of sight—not faith; a life that’s about here—not hope in a place to come; a life that offers lists to assure we’re okay—not a way of love that doesn’t compute. One is tidy, the other is messy. But only one is the life God has actually given us. Like branches on a Vine, we exist solely in the hands of a Vinedresser. Transformation is His work, not ours.

What are the key characteristics of a TN member? They are our values at work:

  • Dependency - we cling to the cross because there’s no other place in this world in which their failures are recognized and redeemed.

  • Transparency - we are free to be nothing but who we really are as we become a shelter from the storm for others to do the same.

  • Hospitality - we proclaim the cross without pretense, prerequisite, or performance, inviting everyone to belong along the way.

Are you a licensed non-for-profit ministry?

Yes. All donations to the network are tax-deductible, and through ministry partnerships, we are able to provide partnered church families and or ministries with a non-profit covering if needed.

Are you a part of a denomination?

No. That said, we do partner with some denominations who are wanting to re-imagine the movement of Jesus in light of the religion they were handed.

Does the network offer ordination or non-profit status to members?

Yes. One of the beautiful things about the Church is how, through the “priesthood” of every believer, everyone in Jesus is a minister. But in some places, due to various laws, we work with our Partners to provide an official non-profit status, connection to insurance, and/or ordination status to those in need.

Where does your name come from?

With Jesus, we find the table was never the end goal of an evening but rather a conduit to something else, to something mysterious that turns meals into occasions and lifts eating beyond nourishment to friendship. In this simple, everyday place, the barriers between the church and the world break down.



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Table Network is a 501C3 Nonprofit.