Our Story

Having been discipled to Jesus on the job by a co-worker, Russ has always had a heart to see the work of discipleship in the hands of every believer. As a pastor he spent 14 years helping existing churches transition and new churches get planted around the mission of Jesus. The need was vast in the U.S.: 37% of those 15-30 years old claim no spiritual interest (largest % in history); 43,000 people leave the church every week, and 96% of growth comes from members moving from one church to the next. Given these kind of stats, a decision was made to listen less to what "insiders" thought and more to what people “outside” the church were saying. Two things surfaced: for most, the gospel wasn’t “good news”, and for many, 70% of the population, there is no interest in attending a church service of any kind.

With a desire to meet people where they are, a vision was born in early 2014 for a culture that empowers an alternative movement within the church, one that offers freedom and family in place of striving and services. To this end the Table Network was formed and efforts are underway to help everyone, not just church leaders, reclaim the simplicity of good food, the Good News and good conversation as the central focus of God’s family life. The mission is clear: provide tools, training, and a tribe for people to run with as they find rest, slow down, and make disciples. Church families forming along the way are the natural result.   

Today, through the addition of new leaders, an array of Labs and Learning Cohorts, the Table Network has seen individuals, church planters, pastors, and business leaders make disciples amongst those who were uninterested in the church. And because of the simple nature of the network existing as a tribe that empowers, more and more people are finding life in the freedom and family of Jesus.


We are not a denomination. We are a network of individuals, planters, and church families who hold to the Scriptures as God's inspired word to us, and to the doctrines expressed through them as outlined in the Apostle's Creed and the Five Solas.

 Our mission is to help individuals, planters, and church leaders find rest, slow down, and make disciples amongst those who are uninterested in the church... forming new church families as they go. 


FREEDOM:  The finished work of Jesus needs nothing else, and so, we are free to rest.

FAMILY:  The church is a family, and so, we slow down and meet people where they are.


LIBERATION: Seeing people live in freedom from the tyranny of performance through a life of joyful rest found in daily trusting Jesus. 

MULTIPLICATION: Seeing disciples made who make disciples that make disciples, and church families formed as they go who do the same.