"I have spent my life on both understanding as well as cultivating movements that change the world. So let me just start out by saying I really like this budding Jesus movement called The Table Network. They are a Jesus-centered, culturally vigorous, missionally adventurous, discipleship-oriented, church planting movement. I am excited about what they are doing, but even more so the way they are doing it.  I expect something of the unfolding of the future of the Christian movement in their common work."

Alan Hirsch
Author of The Forgotten Ways, The Permanent Revolution, and 5Q
Founder of 100Movements, Forge Mission Training Networks, and 5QCollective



“The Table Network is an exciting missional movement focused on gospel saturation in cities in America and around the world. They are pioneering new methods to stir up kingdom movements of multiplication for the glory of God. Check ‘em out!”

Daniel Im
Director of Church Multiplication NewChurches.com/Lifeway



"The Table Network is doing the hard work of (re)focusing on the simplicity of good food, the Good News and good conversation as the central focus of God’s family life. A focus with profound implications for the neighborhoods they dwell in and for the leaders they are developing. The families I know and love in this movement embody the words, works and ways of Jesus. A place at your table is a place at the Table of Grace!”

Caesar Kalinowski
Church planter and author of the best-selling Gospel Primer, Transformed and Bigger Gospel
One of the founding leaders of Soma Communities



"God, through the Spirit, seems to be re-focusing the church on the worldwide co-mission Jesus left us: to make disciples. The Table Network is one of the more promising networks that are equipping leaders and churches to live into movement. Their emphasis on people finding freedom in Christ as they connect with God’s new family at the table, attests to their understanding of the grassroots work of movement, for it is simple, sticky and scalable. May God increase their tribe.”

JR Woodward
National Director of V3 Church Planting Movement



"God's Kingdom is coming and His will is being done on earth as it is in heaven. The Table Network is helping networks like mine think deeply about how we are going to reach the 70% of the population who isn't going to come to a religious service.  They are enriching the conversion of how we make disciples who make disciples."

Dr. Wes Hughes
Portland Church Planting, Urban Church Planting Catalyst NWBC



“I’ve seen the leaders of the Table Network create a culture of life change, that is powerful and transformative. They are leaders who take seriously what Jesus said to do. They are going into their world to make disciples who make disciples, and the Father is using this powerful tribe of leaders and churches."

Dan Grider
Founder and Director of Ignite Church Network



“Making disciples from the harvest for the harvest, a true lost-to-disciple-making culture, is what the Table Network is all about. In an era where there is lots of noise around the subject, crowded with many aspirational leaders and theoretical philosophers, they are actually equipping the everyday Jesus follower to be fruitful and multiply.”

Todd Milby
Executive Director, Catapult / catapult.group



“The Table network is doing a great job of leading people into life-changing relationships with Christ and then encouraging those individuals to help others follow that same path. Our team at World Partners has been impressed by their approach to the point that we’ve asked them to consider placing people in Europe to work and minister alongside our staff.”

Dave Mann
Director of World Partners



"When I talk to people about church planting networks or a tribe to belong to, I often tell them that the most missional network I know of, and have myself experienced, is the Table Network. They have taken years of experience in the trenches and are now helping folks apply the way of Jesus in their particular contexts. And the biggest win? They've done so in a way that is both simple and deep."

Sam Smith
Pastor at Reach Church in Seattle, WA



“Nothing is more central to the identity of a Christ-follower than their honoring God through making reproducing disciples who worship and obey Him.  The Table Network is among those God is using in amazing ways to equip churches and church members to do just that.  I’m thrilled to see their footprint of strategic influence expanding.”

Dr. George G. Robinson
Associate Professor of Missions & Evangelism at SEBTS



"The Table Network has been a catalyst for a much needed paradigm shift in how I think about making disciples, and where I see God taking me in the future."

Jason Mitchell
Urban Missionary, Vigilant Hope Wilmington, NC



"The Table Network has put language to how God has been attempting to move my thinking on discipleship and mission for years. These people have captured the essence of organic missional kingdom ministry without the legalistic add-ons."

Mike Jarrell
Missional Catalyst/Consultant for The Creo Network EFCA



"The One Day workshop was extremely helpful in clarifying how to disciple people in everyday life. It takes you beyond theory to a 3 space template you can contextualize into any culture."

Matt Murphy
Pastor of 217church, Hamilton, NJ



"Sometimes, I go to conference events and feel like I'm being polished. At the the Table Network 1Day, it was more like being recast. I am thankful."

Daniel Moore
College Ministry Coordinator at Providence Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC



"Listen, the Table Network 1Day is not about some more content to file away. It's about putting tried and tested tools in the hands of those that are ready to step in the work God is calling them to. Only do this if you want action and movement."

Alex Wickell
Pastor at The Branch, Chicago, IL



"Jesus has called us to one mission: Make disciples! And the Table Network 1 Day Workshops help keep that mission at the forefront of everything you do. Knowing that it takes all of God’s Church, every believer, to reach the world.... the 1Day provided us with practical ways to help everyone see how they have been invited into this mission, along with practical ways to empower them for this journey in the places where they live, work and play."

Jeremy Emory
Gateway Campus Pastor, Summit Church, Fort Myers, FL



"After growing up in the church and working on staff for 10 years, I didn't realize how many traditions I've relied on in place of allowing Scripture to shape my methods. The Table Network Cohort has helped me rethink what I've known  and implement a Biblical form of ministry in our plant that empowers rest in the freedom and family found in Jesus as we're reaching those who've never experienced it."

Bill Vechio
Ecclesia SWFL, Fort Myers, FL



"My wife and I attended the 1Day workshop in Philadelphia and left greatly encouraged! Not only did Russ inspire and affirm us in the calling God has given us, but we also appreciated connecting with the greater Church who came together that day. TTN offers a wide network of support to those of us stepping outside of traditional church models. We're excited about the opportunities!”

Michael Devereux
Pastor, The Table, Brooklyn, NY